We offer a maintenance service for ductless heat pump or wall mounted air conditioner. If the indoor unit of the ductless air conditioner or heat pump wall resembles the following photos, you need an in-depth maintenance. The accumulation of dust, allergens and mold directly affects the performance and energy efficiency of your device while reducing its useful life. This also affects the quality of the air you breathe. Unless you have specialized equipment, you won’t be able to do yourself the cleaning of your ductless heat pump.




What are the risks of a badly maintained Air conditioner?


Respiratory disease

Pulmonary disease

Bacterial development

Mold build up

Although you regularly clean the air filters of your device over time, dust will accumulate in the fan (blower wheel) and the coil of the indoor unit. This accumulation affects the efficiency of ventilation and the transfer of cold or heat from the indoor coil. The following symptoms are a good indication that an in-depth maintenance is required

Decrease in device performance, “… it seems to me that there is less air conditioning than before.”

Presence of trash visible to the naked eye (mildew and dust)

Fan louder than before.

Water flowing.

Small balls of trash discard by the device.


Our maintenance service

Clean your ductless air conditioner or servicing your ductless heat pump is not limited to the maintenance of your filters. The fan (blower wheel) and the indoor coil are the two essential elements to be kept in good order in the indoor unit. And unfortunately, unless you have in equipment and appropriate training, it will not be possible to carry it out yourself. Here’s what the maintenance is:

Test operations of the device before servicing*

Clean the inside and outside coil with coil cleaner.

Clean indoor fan (blower wheel).

Clean and test the drain.

Test operations of the device after servicing.

*The maintenance is not a repair service. Any anomalies on the unit should be repaired before we perform the machines maintenance.



***The space below the inside evaporator needs to be clear please make sure to move your furniture before our arrival***


Here’s what you can expect

  • Our technicians use specialized equipment to perform maintenance.
  • We take every precaution to protect your property
  • The outdoor unit also requires care.
  • A coil packed of dust lose so much efficiency.
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